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Milk and Honey
Heart Sutra for C (detail)
Shugendō Falls
Painting on Paint (Ryman study)
No Center No Edge
Red Hook Terminal
Full Moon (vert)
La Profondeur de la Surface
Mantra Painting (Heart Sutra Tea)
Seed Fall and Rise (detail)
Floating Fruit
Heart is a Bloom
Brooklyn Seed
Past the Veils I See You
Milk and Honey (detail)
Red Hook Open Studios 
Treasure Island Art Studios, Red Hook
183 Lorraine Street, Studio 42


A Buddhist Heart Sutra Mantra writing-painting practice have provided the center of gravity for my work since 2013. It arose from the challenge to “mind the gap” between words and thoughts. Mantra writing and the painting are extensions of contemplative practice. From that discipline have sprung a variety of other pieces. They are mostly abstract. They show my interest in waiting for a decisive moment and then following the brush. I endeavor to create out ahead of the all too persistent critical mind. Painting with my non-dominant hand helps.


These are singular times. What was under the rug for centuries is starting to get aired out.

Painful. Not pretty. So over due. What once seemed solid – not so solid? So where do we find courage, heart?

Art arousal moments bring welcome oxygen.

The art dealer Betty Parsons described beloved artist Agnes Martin’s work as “heart strings pulled out, endlessly.” There it is.

Let’s meet there, here.

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